Roller shutters

Custom-made roller shutters in pvc, aluminum and steel.

Our roller blinds

Custom plastic polymer, steel and aluminum roller blinds represent a sector of the industry that offers a wide range of solutions to meet the individual needs of each customer. These shutters are essential components for security, thermal insulation and aesthetics of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Plastic polymer roller blinds
Steel roller blinds, aluminum
Strong inside, flawless outside, always confident.

Plastic polymer roller blinds

The profiles made by Novaplast, are obtained by extruding plastic polymer granules.
The absence of plasticizers or other liquid additives provides greater protection against the effects of thermal distortion and exposure to light.

The use of a special resin in the processing cycle makes it possible to obtain particularly impact-resistant profiles with certain types of granules.

It is also possible to insert galvanized iron reinforcements into the pvc roller blinds to achieve maximum strength in the finished product.

Novaplast’s pvc profiles fit perfectly into any type of shutter box.

- Heavy (P)
- Superheavy
- Exporting
Complete color palette to meet any need

Aluminum and steel roller blinds

Steel and aluminum profiles are particularly well suited to meet any need for greater protection and security.

The polyurethane foam interior improves soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Increased security is also enabled by the use of pairs of deadbolts, which can be inserted either at the base or mid-height of the roller shutter.

Aluminum profiles with environmentally friendly polyurethane foam
Steel profiles with environmentally friendly polyurethane foam

Sample colors for plasticized steel profiles

Aluminum profiles with environmentally friendly high-density polyurethane

Sample colors for painted aluminum profiles

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Our services

Choosing Novaplast means embracing an unparalleled experience in the world of shutters. With our company, you are not only selecting superior products, but you are investing in a complete process that puts you, the customer, at the center of everything.

With Novaplast, you are making a choice based on value, quality, and exceptional services, complete with every aspect needed to turn your vision into reality.


It is at the heart of our approach, enabling you to create tailored solutions that perfectly reflect your style and needs.


Our dedication to installation is evidenced by the punctuality, attentive support and professionalism of our experts, who guarantee a flawless result in every detail.

Wide range of colors

In addition to the precision and elegance of our roller blinds, we offer you a wide range of colors to suit your every aesthetic preference.

Removal of the old

In the case of restoration or renovation, our option to remove the old material simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth transition to the new solutions.

FREE inspection and estimate!

We understand the importance of making informed decisions, which is why we offer a free site survey at your location, followed by a detailed, transparent, no-obligation quote.