For over 30 years, we have specialized in the production of door and window locking elements

how novaplast was born

Our Story

Founded back in 1974 in Villa del Conte, Novaplast originated as a manufacturer of PVC shutters, focusing mainly on a market with a local character, closely linked to the province of Padua. Over the past 8-10 years, however, the company has been able to expand its area of operations beyond its original boundaries, encompassing the entire Veneto region. This development has been accompanied by a significant expansion of the range of products and services offered, which now spans the entire spectrum of the window and door industry.


Years of experience


Our Mission Statement

Our core mission is driven by an unwavering commitment to our customers. This commitment goes beyond simply producing quality items, an attribute we can boast thanks to nearly three decades of experience in the window and door industry. What really sets us apart is our dedication to providing a full 360-degree service. From the meticulous installation of our products to after-sales service, we aim to provide a seamless and satisfying experience for each customer.


A glimpse into the future

The choices that guide our future are unequivocally oriented toward quality and service. This promise is backed by the trust our customers have shown in us over the past few years. Our evolution from a local start-up to a regional presence is the result of our continued dedication and recognition of the value we place on excellence in the window and door industry. With Novaplast, you are not simply choosing a product, you are investing in a complete and fulfilling experience, enriched by our history and focused on the future.