Easy Block

The simple and secure window system

Why easy block

What is Easy Block?

Easy Block is the prefabricated window and patio door monoblock that allows fast and safe installation with the advantage of effective thermal insulation. Perfect for all holes because it is custom made.

Easy Block consists of:

  • Prefabricated shutter box: for housing shutters made of expanded polystyrene, ABS header panels, galvanized roller, ABS dome, shutter maneuver. The shutter box can be supplied complete with PVC, aluminum, or steel roller shutters, with pulley, winch, or motor maneuvers.
  • Side shoulders: made of expanded polystyrene, aluminum side profiles to ensure rigidity and determine the plaster flush. The aluminum guide for sliding the shutter is equipped with anti-rumble brush.
    Inner side of the shoulder consisting of a purenit slab that can be plastered.
EasyBlock allows fast and perfect execution of the window hole with significant time savings.
Saving time with easy block

Advantages of Easy Block

EasyBlock is installed on dedicated hole whether the construction is done with traditional materials (terracotta) or other innovative materials, in fact it also performs the function of a formwork.
It is anchored to the hole by anchor bolts. Anti-cracking nets, to be installed before plaster, allow a high degree of fi nishing.

Components of Easy Block

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