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The wide range of products offered by Novaplast reflects the excellence and innovation that drive our mission. From modern thermal-insulating shutter boxes that combine functionality and energy savings to the aesthetics of PVC windows and shutters, we are dedicated to creating solutions that harmonize design and performance. Our offerings extend beyond the main element to include accessories such as gearmotors and dummy frames-essential elements in optimizing the user experience and durability of our products. In the pursuit of functional perfection, we do not neglect the importance of comfort and protection, highlighted by our range of mosquito nets that add a touch of elegance to interior spaces.

Novaplast stands for dedication to quality, practicality and aesthetics, representing a natural choice for those seeking reliable, state-of-the-art products in the world of architectural elements.

Thermal insulating shutter boxes
Mosquito nets
Product quality is the link that binds emotion and reliability.

Thermal insulating shutter boxes

Construction simplification, cost-effectiveness, installation convenience, thermal(K-WERT=0.73 W/m2 K) and acoustic (49 db) insulation are some salient features of the prefabricated insulation box. In addition: it eliminates the outer platform-functions as formwork for the curb; it is ductile because it allows its components to be adapted to any technical requirement. It is ready for roller shutter installation, allows you to finish the plasters before the installation of the window frame.

It can also be installed on windows of the one-piece type. It is self-supporting, requires very short delivery time (a few days).
In the complete execution, the cassette is supplied with the galvanized iron roller, cap and pulley made of shockproof plastic ceiling guides and frame edge cutting. All this is always guaranteed by our professionalism and attention to detail.


The accessories we deal with are all reliable and safe items, thanks to a close and lasting partnership with two of the most important companies in the industry. Aluminum and PVC shutters, having about the same weight per square meter, require the same accessories, while steel shutters, which are significantly heavier, need reinforced accessories.


The motors we use for automatic operation of roller shutters, which are available in different sizes depending on the weight of the shutter they are to lift, are supplied complete with all accessories for operation.
On request, we also provide rescue maneuvers useful in case of power failure or engine problems. Practicality, functionality and elegance make motorized roller shutters an increasingly popular solution in private homes.


Mosquito nets

Our mosquito nets embody the perfect balance between functionality and sophistication. Designed to offer an invincible barrier against unwanted insects, these mosquito nets are made of high-quality materials that provide long-lasting protection. Their clever structure allows for uncomplicated installation and smooth operation, allowing the fresh breath of nature to flow through rooms without compromising indoor comfort. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the design of the textures to the selection of colors, to harmoniously blend function with aesthetics. Our mosquito nets are more than just an accessory-they are an imprint of elegance that adds a touch of class to spaces, allowing you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the outside world without interruption.